Khaleda slightly improved

Khaleda slightly improved


Khaleda slightly improved

                                                                                                                                              Her doctor says
BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia’s health condition has slightly improved as her body temperature dropped since she got infected with coronavirus, said FM Siddique, head of the medical team that has been monitoring her.

The doctor made the statement last night while talking to journalists after examining Khaleda at her Gulshan residence.

He also said that the medical team thought Khaleda’s treatment was still possible at her residence as her health condition was stable with 97-98 percent oxygen saturation level.

He said, “We’ve examined her health condition. She’s been suffering from a low fever for the last three days. Her temperature was persistent the whole day and even in the evening yesterday [Friday].

“But the pattern of her temperature is showing a declining trend as she was free from fever the whole day today [yesterday]. But the temperature has increased a bit in the evening.”

He further said, “Considering all aspects, we can say her condition is still stable. If we compare her Friday’s level of temperature with Saturday’s one, we find a little improvement in her condition. But we should keep in mind that we should not evaluate the whole situation with only a parameter and we should always remain careful. We’re handling everything professionally with our medical skills and specialisation.”

FM Siddiqui said they found Khaleda’s temperature around 100.2°F at about 10:15pm on Saturday.

“We’ve started giving her the antiviral medicine and she has already received two doses of it. We also think the response to the medicine is positive. We’ve checked her blood circulation and respiration and these are good. Her [oxygen] saturation level is always persistent between 97 and 98 percent.”

Stating that the BNP chief’s Covid infection entered nine days on Saturday, he said, she was now passing through a complicated time.

“We’ll take necessary steps immediately if we notice any danger signal or deterioration in her condition. As of now, we think everything is all right. But we don’t want to show any leniency until two weeks of her infection is passed off and we’ll continue to closely monitor her.”

Asked whether they have any plan to take Khaleda to any hospital, FM Siddiqui said they still did not think it was necessary.

“But we’ll be able to shift her to a hospital quickly in case of any emergency.”

The doctor said the condition of some Covid patients deteriorates even after getting discharged from the hospital. “So, we’re careful so that no gap is created anywhere regarding her treatment.”

Asked about the BNP Chief’s mental health, he said, she was mentally very strong and she urged all to wear masks to protect them from the virus infection.

FM Siddiqui said Khaleda’s lung condition seemed to be in a good shape as her oxygen level was not dropping.

About her CT scan test report, he said, her infection was very nominal.

The BNP chief underwent the Covid test on Saturday last as eight other people of her residence were infected with the virus and her report came out positive.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, the government freed Khaleda Zia from jail for six months through an executive order, suspending her sentences on March 25 last year.

Later, the government extended her release twice.

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