Experience of “Train-The-Trainers” program at HEC Montreal in Canada

Experience of “Train-The-Trainers” program at HEC Montreal in Canada

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Being a person with high ambitions, moving around the world and learning different skills and knowledge is what I dream for. I took the first step towards my dream earlier this September 2018. I am Rahnuma Islam Meem, Lecturer of CSE, Daffodil International University (DIU) stepped towards HEC Montreal, one of the most prestigious business schools in the world located at Montreal, Canada for a “Train-The-Trainers” program.Since my student life, I had been working in different sectors beside my field of study because of my ambitions and passion for learning.

All that hard work was paid off when DIU offered me the opportunity to attend the international training program in Canada. It was a part of Social Business Creation (SBC) competition, which is a 6-months long competition through which participants can learn how to create a business idea through experiencing the market themselves and look for investors. There were 53 teams that participated in this final round from different countries and “Medisure” was one of the teams and the team I was Mentoring.

One sunny day, Office of the International Affairs of DIU called to inform that they want me to go to Montreal for the training. Hearing this I felt like I was on top of the world as it was an opportunity for me to learn new experiences, knowledge, culture and observe a completely different world.It was my first time travelling alone. I was very nervous then. When I boarded in the plane the nervousness suddenly turned into excitement and uncertainty. After arriving in Montreal I was cordially received by Ms. Mai Thi Thanh Thai, Associate Professor and Head of SBC.

At first, I had faced some difficulties understanding road instructions because they were mostly in French, I even got lost once but then quickly I learned how things worked. The day I got lost in the city of Montreal and trying to find my way, a woman came on her own accord and helped me to find my way. I was so surprised by that because I didn’t even ask for help but she helped me even without asking. Then, I started my training and it was a completely different experience for me. Everything was so different from Bangladesh. All the class deliveries, the way the professors delivered their contents were thoughtful and organized. They were very sincere about time but also very helpful to cooperate in every aspect.

During the program, we were taken to some industrial visits to explore incredible businesses. We visited the “Young Project”, “Popup Camp”, “La station F-MR”. All the projects that I saw were unique in their own way. The most impressive business that they showed us was a real estate business which followed social business rules is called “Quo Vadis”. I could never imagine that a real estate business can be converted into social business. Another surprising thing about this successful business is that the owner of this business is a woman named Natalie Voland. It grew confidence into me a lot and the determination to succeed grew even stronger. I realized, the only thing that stops a woman from success are they themselves because Mai and the other women that I saw were examples that women are capable of acquiring success by their own power.

I feel myself fortunate to have been met Jorge, Graciella, Cloudia, Verronique, Esther who are Mexican Professors and also trainees of the same program as me. I was the youngest of all but still they made me feel their equal and were very friendly with me also helped me and took care of me. I hope to work further in the future with them and visit them if I ever get a chance to visit Mexico.  SBC is a competition with high evaluation criteria and one of the top business competitions. I felt lucky to be a part of such an event and the icing on the cake was that my team from DIU got the position of 2nd runners up. When they were declaring the results I almost stopped breathing. After hearing the results I was really happy and proud of my students.

They also conducted sessions on student grooming, traditional learning processes and introduced a new type of learning process which are very important for teachers like me. I feel that after the sessions I have more self-confidence on my teaching capabilities. I am looking forward to use all the knowledge I gathered from this training in every possible way. I plan on applying them to develop my university which will ultimately help develop my country.Even though I had a very tight schedule I managed to find time to visit Niagara Falls, world’s largest waterfall. I lost myself in the view and felt glad I went there even after having such busy schedule. I suggest everyone visiting Canada to visit Niagara and get a ride on the “Hornblower” a ferry ride that takes the riders almost under the great Niagara Falls.

I was in Canada during the middle of September when it was just the starting of winter so it was not too cold or warm. The temperature fluctuated between 5-25 degrees. I like trying different foods so I made sure I didn’t miss their traditional “Poutine” which kept its reputation for being their signature food. Witnessing everything and everyone following all the rules and leading a systematic life made me feel admiration and at the same time envy for Canada.Every step of my journey was a new experience or I can say priceless experiences. I am now more determined to work harder and looking forward for getting the next opportunity to learn more new things and with Daffodil International University I feel that opportunity is not too far away.

Rahnuma Islam Meem

Lecturer of Computer Science & Engineering, Daffodil International University

One of the Trainees of “Train-The-Trainers” program, HEC Montreal, Canada

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