Samsung launches 55” smart-board ‘Flip’

Samsung launches 55” smart-board ‘Flip’

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Samsung Electronics Bangladesh launched one of its latest innovations, Samsung Flip, a smart flipboard for business, in the Bangladesh market. The device is specially designed for an enterprise business set up.

Flip is a 55” interactive digital flipboard ingeniously designed to make meetings and collaboration more efficient with its ease of use, top-notch technology, and unparalled connectivity. The board is tested to boost creative thinking, collaboration and business innovation making it an ideal choice for businesses, artists and startups alike.

“Flip is a digital and versatile replacement of traditional whiteboards making it an essential tools for brainstorming, meeting and all other tasks which require a board. The business and startup scenario in Bangladesh are getting more vibrant every day, and Flip is an ideal tool for taking productivity to the next nevel. We hope Flip will become a popular product in our market,” said Shahriar Bin Lutfor, Head of Business (CE & IT), Samsung Bangladesh.

The 55” interactive UHD display of Samsung Flip lets team can work smarter and faster enabling them to take notes, save files in its built-in memory, send emails to individuals and groups, and print directly from the device. In addition, the device has a versatile connectivity, thanks to its NFC and WiFi, the device can be connected to home or office network.

The Flip can be used either as vertical or a horizontal board while the built-in pen imitates a pen-to-paper feel with a variety of colours, styles and widths. Up to 4 people can write simultaneously on the Flip, using any object as a writing tool and bare hand as an eraser. With Samsung Flip, the enterprises can experience the collaborations and meetings like never before. For productive meetings and synchornized communications between the teams, Samsung Flip is here to deliver. The device is priced at BDT 360,000 and right now it is available with Samsung’s IT partners Smart Technologies, Flora and Fair Electronics in Bangladesh.

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