IUB and Pathao Jointly Awards 26 Women in Leadership

IUB and Pathao Jointly Awards 26 Women in Leadership


This women’s day, IUB- one of the leading private universities in Bangladesh and one of the biggest tech companies of the country Pathao are joining hands to celebrate the excellence of women by awarding great women who are contributing to the welfare of this country in their own diverse ways everyday. The terrific event took place at the grand IUB auditorium.

Women who are continually striving for the betterment of Bangladesh, women who are leading and excelling, breaking the barriers of patriarchy everyday in their respective fields such as business, academia, healthcare, law enforcement, arts and media, sports , journalism etc. have been presented this award under the program titled ‘Ladies in Leadership’ , CelebratingWomenInAction.

After the initial opening ceremony a seminar titled- ‘Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights in Social Justice, Tech, Academia and Corporate World’ was held at 10 am.  The hour-long panel was hosted by Dr. Shamim Matin Chowdhury, Founder Chairperson of Beautiful Mind.  Salma Adil, CFO of Top of Mind; Advocate Alena Khan, Chairperson and Chief Executive, Bangladesh Human Rights Foundation, BHRF; Shusmita Anis, Managing Director, ACI Ltd. Mubina Asaf, Head of Legal and External Affairs, British American Tobacco Bangladesh (BATB); Sabrina Islam, CEO, Reflections, an architectural glass designs company were among others who were also present at the programme.

Following that, another seminar titled, ‘Changing Times and Changing Eras: Women in Journalism, Entertainment, Sports, and Media’ was held. This panel was moderated by Prof Niaz Zaman, IUB.  Among others renowned writer, television director and filmmaker  Chayanika Chowdhury; writer and  women’s right activist- Noorjahan Bose; visual artist, Kanak Chanpa Chakma; designer and TV show host, Tootli Rahman; Director of Daily Ittefaq, Tareen Hossain; CEO of Bitopi, Sarah Ali  were present.

The CEO of Pathao, Hussain M Elius in regard to this occasion shared his thoughts saying- “ Bangladesh is moving forward to become a middle income country; it is our responsibility to ensure the active participation of women to achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs).”

On this occasion, CEO of Pathao, Hussain M Elius said, “Bangladesh is walking towards the path of becoming a middle income country; it is our responsibility to ensure the active participation of women to achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs).” He went on to add – “ 49 years since independence, Bangladesh wouldn’t be able to stand where it is standing now, without the outstanding leadership of women. Women have showcased their expertise in multifaceted fields moving Bangladesh and leaving  a trailblazer of brilliance at their wake , becoming amazing role models for the new generation. Thus, Pathao is incredibly honored to have presented these awards to these wonderful women.”

Vice Chancellor (Acting), Independent University of Bangladesh, Prof Milan Pagon also spoke in a similar manner of motivation saying  “The state along with the society have to foster the idea of  women in leading positions. This event stands as a testament to the brilliance of women , we are seeing how insanely successful they are in different sectors of the country.  IUB and Pathao are extremely excited and proud to take part in this joint initiative to celebrate womanhood .”

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